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« NFL Football New York Giants at Pittsburgh Steelers from Heinz Field (HD, TV-PG) New York has won six straight after defeating Cleveland, 27-13, in Week 12; Pittsburgh has won two of the past three meetings with the Giants.
The OT (HD, TV-PG) Analysts and experts, including former NFL players and coaches, break down the action from all of the day's games and discuss the top stories in the league.

« The Pink Panther 2 (TV-PG, PG, **+) Chief Inspector Dreyfus creates a team to experts to investigate a string of international thefts, but is ordered to include Inspector Clouseau to his dismay.
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (TV-PG, PG, ***) A pair of smooth-talking con artists on the French Riviera makes a bet to see which of them will be the first to bilk a naive woman out of her fortune.

The Love Boat Vicki's Gentleman Caller; Partners to the End; The Arrangement (TV-G) Celebrity newlyweds learn more about each other on the cruise; partners figure out who will fake their death to collect the insurance and pay off a loan shark.
The Love Boat Judy Hits a Low Note; Love Times Two; The Problem with Papa (TV-G) The enthusiastic crew and passengers aboard the Pacific Princess Cruise ship hope they will be lucky enough to find love and romance on the high seas.
The Andy Griffith Show Guest in the House (TV-G) Aunt Bee's close friend's daughter visits the Taylor's after having a bad experience with her boyfriend back home, causing Andy's girlfriend to become jealous.
The Andy Griffith Show The Case of the Punch in the Nose (TV-G) Barney creates hostility in Mayberry when he discovers that an old assault case was never resolved and attempts to close the case for good.

« Dooney & Bourke All Easy Pay Offers (TV-G) An inside look is taken at Dooney & Bourke, one of the most well-known handbag designers throughout the world, as a variety of its designs are showcased.
Keurig - Gourmet Coffee Made Perfect (TV-G) Keurig coffee machines are designed to brew a single cup of coffee or other hot drinks such as hot cocoa, tea, or instant soup using K-Cups.
Great Gifts Keurig (TV-G) A variety of gifts to give family and friends for the holiday season are available.
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