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« Shepherd's Chapel (TV-G) From his nondenominational church in Gravette, Ark., Pastor Arnold Murray gives an in-depth analysis of the Bible, covering the entire book verse by verse.
FOX Morning News (New) The news team presents the latest headline news from around the community, along with weather conditions and other timely reports.
LIVE with Kelly and Ryan (HD, New) TV host Anderson Cooper returns to guest co-host with Kelly; actress-model Lily Collins talks about "The Last Tycoon"; Matt Iseman of "American Ninja Warrior."

Max Steel Ultralink Hunter (HD, TV-Y7, FV) A teenager joins a secret organization to stop an evil power from taking over the galaxy after moving to a new city and being tracked for his TURBO energy.
Angry Birds Toons New Friend (TV-G) A heated rivalry between birds and pigs results in the two animals partaking in a number of battles with one another that involve unorthodox tactics.
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir Copycat (HD, TV-Y7) Someone posing as Cat Noir is causing trouble in Paris, and when her partner is accused of committing a burglary, Ladybug must prove that he is not a criminal.
Rocket Monkeys Rock On; Thunderbot (TV-Y7) Two monkey brothers travel through space with an outdated robot to meet aliens, explore worlds and prevent, or inadvertently cause, calamities.
Super 4 Countdown Repeat An enthusiastic pirate, a skeptical scientist, a magical fairy and a medieval prince join forces as they set off on a series of exciting adventures.
Mister Ed The Contest (TV-G) Ed acts a tutor for Wilbur, using many reference books and foreign languages so that Wilbur will have a chance at winning a contest for thousands of dollars.

I Love Lucy The Anniversary Present (TV-G) Lucy wrongly assumes that Ricky is dating their attractive neighbor, but he is actually planning to purchase a necklace from her for his and Lucy's anniversary.
Petticoat Junction The Invisible Mr. Dobble (TV-G) Kate is confused when it seems that one of the guests at her place of business is somehow invisible, which leads to an investigation to solve the mystery.
My Three Sons Doctor in the House (TV-G) Steve is scheduled to go on a business trip to Bolivia, but before he can leave home, he injures his back and is forced to find a doctor who can help him.
My Three Sons Going Steady (TV-G) Robbie begins dating a girl at his high school, but the girl's mother doesn't approve of their relationship and wants Steve to help her put a stop to it.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver Gets Adopted (TV-G) Beaver breaks Wally's new school trophy, and Ward suggests Beaver may have broken it on purpose because of jealousy, leading Beaver to look for new parents.
Perry Mason The Case of the Lucky Legs (TV-PG) A beauty contest promoter offers a movie contract as the top prize, but the winner furiously confronts the promoter after learning the contract was a hoax.

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