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Anger Management Charlie Dates a Teacher (HD, TV-14) Sam finds a new reason to be frustrated with her father, after Charlie becomes unable to resist the allure of her teacher at school.
Anger Management Charlie Dates Crazy, Sexy, Angry (HD, TV-14) Charlie is attracted to Jennifer's business partner but when he goes on a few dates with the stunning beauty he learns that she has a number of sexual issues.
Bones The Princess and the Pear (HD, TV-14) Brennan and company must navigate the world of a science fiction convention as they investigate the death of a woman and try to track down the killer.
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Dead Man's Gun The Judgment of Joe Dean Bonner (TV-PG) After riding into a strange town with only one resident, murderer Joe Dean Bonner gets possession of the ill-fated gun and goes on trial for his crimes.
Grayeagle (TV-PG, PG, **) A trapper dedicates his life to a relentless search of finding a Cheyenne warrior who has kidnapped his daughter, but later learns a shocking secret about her.

Land of the Giants Framed (TV-PG) The crew witnesses a photographer murder his model and then frame a nearby homeless man; the crew attempts to help the homeless man prove his innocence.
Time Tunnel End of the World (TV-PG) A small town in 1910 is fearful of Halley's Comet and an astronomer has convinced everyone that it brings doom and the scientists must help stranded miners.
Lost in Space The Raft (TV-PG) The Robinsons build a small space ship they can use in order to return to Earth that only holds two people, but Dr. Smith hijacks it with Will onboard.

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Heartfelt Holidays with Valerie Entrepreneur Valerie Parr Hill offers her collection of wreaths, candles, centerpieces, potpourri and other home accents for the holiday season.
Countdown to Christmas Holiday Decor - Duraflame (TV-G) Hosts showcase decorative products for the holidays as intrigued viewers get to countdown the days until Christmas, featuring reefs, stockings, and more.
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